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We are working on some projects to turn these works of arts into characters of a film company.

Some of these film companies are: Disney , Fox , MGM, Buena Vista, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures , Universal, Sony Pictures , Paramount, Lionsgate, TWC.

We carry out a work to integrate these works of arts into different Metaverse universes.

Some of Metaverse projects and games universes.: SandBox, Mana, League of Legends , Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Nintendo

SpiriNFT & Metaverse

Do you have a digital character? Everyone should have a character in Metaverse. Many projects should have a digital presence that represents you. These characters can be NTFs. Sometimes on a gaming platform, sometimes at an online concert. SpiriNFT characters want to integrate into many metaverses.

SpiriNFT & Blockchain Book

Our project hosting writers as well as designers will become the first Blockchain based book and put a new face on the network. Only “SpiriNFT” owners can write. We have many surprises on this subject!
Let’s see together !