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What is SpiriNFT ?

Souls from the past, future and present got lost and they are looking for their mates in a sea.

We want to take you back to the past.

We are conveying messages from the future.

We are making the most of now.

We like mysteries and passcodes.

Having the SpiriNFT that represents your soulmate and the one you feel like yours, you may write your own story.

(The choice of) being a page in a book is up to you.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, the pages of this book are infinite now.

Who is SpiriNTF Artist  ?

A designer travelled many places on Earth.

Someone who meets people, analyzes their moods and takes notes.

Someone who submits designs to many film companies and makes offers to them.

What Does The Mean Project Name ?

These NFTs have souls.

Why Supply Low ?

The project SpiriNFT aims to write a book with the stories of each work of art. New pages may be constantly added to this book. Different stories may be written for each character. Different characters may take part in the same story together. When you stretch your imagination, you do not need thousands of works of arts for that. With many different emotions, 111+555 works of arts conveying mysterious information from the past and future may be enough. Besides, our focus is not on the money but on the future of the project. The rights to the art belong to the artist, not the collector. The people who will have these works of arts first will consider themselves lucky.

When WL ?

Keep stay on Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Why Would Anyone Buy an NFT ?

In the same way that you might own the original copy of a piece of natural art, NFT allows its buyer to claim ownership of the original copy of a digital asset.

Do People Make Money Selling NFT ?

In 2022,  Nonfungible estimated that over $19 billion in direct and secondary sales would be made on the Ethereum blockchain, up from $103 million.

How Do I Get One of Your SpiriNFT ?

Lets Go Opensea for our second collection !

Next Collection is coming to Aptos Ecosystem !