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About Us

The Story of the First and Second Collection

Our first collection consists of 111 works and our second collection consists 555 of arts. Each NFT in this collection represents a person’s mood and conveys notes from their inner worlds. Before starting to the designs, 111 people were interviewed. These 111 people are here now looking forward to getting to know the opinions of their new NFT holders who have the same feelings with them. If you want to have one of these SpiriNFTs, you need to pick it considering its meaning and write down how you feel when you are with it. There will be a private page for each NFT on our website:

You may name the NFT you have and write a story about it.

You may write down your feelings and observations.

Each writing will become a book that will be read by other people and interpreted from different points of view by the people who want to buy your NFT.

When other people want to have the NFT that belongs to you, you will be reading the stories of a book that will never end. We believe that many people from different parts of the world will be here. The NFT world meeting a book whose pages will keep growing in number every minute will show people how powerful the project is.

Thanks to the writings of the people who want to have the same NFT with you, you will meet new people. Plus, your NFT will stay popular as different points of view regarding the work of art will be compiled on the same book.

Our project hosting writers as well as designers will become the first Blockchain based book and put a new face on the network. The pages of this book will be infinite.

When people want to have the same NFT with you and write a story about it, it will grow in popularity. First NFT holders may want to write down the first stories. The choice is all up to you. If the story is effective, new stories will more likely to be written about it. Thus, you need to cling to it. Imagine tens of stories to be written about just an NFT…

When the stories and your feelings are read, new ones will be writen down about 111+555 NFTs and their relationships. Accordingly, some groups will be formed. Some of these groups will be independent. However, they will represent the unity. 111+555 works of art have already started to become a book.

And (they will also turn into)

Maybe a film,

Maybe a game.

Are you getting excited now ?

Do not forget how big this project is considering the idea behind it. We will write this story altogether. You may have your first NFT and start writing your first story now.

We will be waiting for you right here.

See you on the top spots!